Luxury objects, synonymous with comfort, warmth and prestige, handmade rugs and carpets illustrate as much grace on Quebec soil as it once did on the caravans of the Silk Road. They are pleasant and not shocking. Carpet advertisements are good for decoration or furniture sites and a lot of marketing. Individuals and professional organizations are welcome in our affiliate program. However, we reserve the right to refuse sites deemed incompatible with our activities.

Your Interests

Come join our team and earn 10% on sales generated with your efforts! makes the affiliate program very easy. As per your sales you will be paid every month, or you can take carpets from our website sell them yourself. If you pay us, we will also ship carpets to you or your client. On average, our online sales total $750 per carpet. Therefore, your average commission would be about $75 per carpet sold.

Our affiliation program is easy to follow. Each month, we will send the amount of your commission to your bank account. Please note that each sale must generate at least $25 in commission. At this time, we will provide you with two URLs:

  • A URL that will link our website to yours
  • A URL that will serve to trace the revenue you’ve generated with each carpet sale

Transport fees, customs fees, or any other related costs will not affect your commission.

Once the client you’ve brought us makes an online purchase, your commission will be deposited after a 90 day period from the date of purchase, as long as the client hasn’t returned the merchandise. The reason for this is that we offer a 90 day trial period for all our carpets – we reimburse our clients if they are not completely satisfied after 90 days with the carpet.

Setting Up Your Account

To set up your account or for more information, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call us directly at 514-735-1958.


Commissions are only paid on products purchased on the website and not on any purchases from our traditional store in Montreal, Quebec: Bashir Persian Rugs (also known in french as Tapis d'Orient Bashir). reserves the right to reduce or increase the amount of commission paid to affiliates at any time. also reserves the right to discontinue its affiliate program at any time. Should it decide to do so, all participating affiliates will be notified.